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However, increasingly is becoming established the possibility of using the computer to freely create the work of art, using it as if you had in hand the brush and palette, or as if you get to make a art print, both realistic way that with the language of abstractionism.
With this purpose was born in Florence-the-Art & CC (Art Computer Connection), while some artists create computerized works, which, although reproducible in the series, shows, through the deep differences between those of one and those of other, that this tool is qualified to achieve faithfully the individual expression of personality definitely distinct.

Recall among them Mario Agostini (Fermo, Ascoli Piceno 1940) and Giovanni Maggini (Florence, 1946).
The one to another, to proof what we said, develope also using this new tool, their own individual tendencies, continuing on the road that they had previously taken up in works with the traditional technique.
Agostini is a painter whose abstractionism is based on chromatic lines, drawn sometimes obliquely, sometimes horizontally, with a violent involvement directional, anyway expressing always a strong emotional charge.
Maggini creates, by means sparsely gaudy colours, solid abstract forms, vigorous, sometimes sharps, but in a balance constructive, with mutual harmonious relationship that demonstrates its far-away origin in the abstractionism classic.

Piero Adorno

Monteluco Marino Ordine Studio
CAA21 - Monteluco CAA06 - Marine CAA03 - Order CAA04 - Study
Deco Rosso Colomba in guerra Onde
CAA05 - D├ęco CAM16 - Red CAA20 - The dover in war CAA08 - Waves
Tondo Free Aria Acqua Argonauta
CAA09 - Round CAA10 - Free CAA11 - Air and water CAA12 - Argonauta
Attraverso Cosmo tondo Metropolis Tondo Forte
CAM13 - Across CAM14 - Roud cosmos CAM15 - Metropolis CAM17 - Strong round
Dea Cupra Trasparente Il viaggiatore Isola
CAA02 - Dea Cupra CAM18 - Transparent CAA19 - The travelling CAA01 - Island
Totem Segno e materia Graffito Solare
CAA07 - Totem CAA22 - Sign and matter CAA24 - Graffiti CAA23 - Solar

The works of art in this pictures gallery can be printed in the size desired
on drawing paper by through a plotter high-definition.
The print run is limited to 50 copies.

Art & Computer

The Digital Painting

The computer is without doubt the most flexible and fast instrument that man has ever had available.
Its applications range in each direction through applicative connection that until a few years ago were unimaginable. This is a new and incomparable tool, with its precise operativeness: a tool that simply store and computer data has become in a few decades also a wonderful creative tool, able to offer to every artist that can manage it competently, the widest range of expressive possibilities to which man has ever been able to reach.
The computer is intrusive instrument able to carve out spaces at the interior of the most different disciplines and pandering in astonishing manner the requirements more varied, but at the same time is also very similar to the simple box of colours that only in the hands of a creative expert, can reveal its qualities and express its maximum potential of the instrument.
E' deeply wrong see the computer as a competitor to brush bristle and equate its products to those made by the artist manually. The computer has its own particular specificity that makes each creation realized through its use, independent and original, whether it come printed on a support or that come projected. In perfect harmony with the conception of ars-multipla, creativity that makes use of computer can be considered as the evolution of ancient technique of manual realization for printing plates. Moreover, the file created by the artist, often with the use of the tablet, which allows him to keep intact the manual gesture as if working directly on a sheet or on a table, is conceptually much closer to the plate engraver, born in order to distribute multiple, that not the painting which began as a unique work.
The creative use of computers creates a competitive relationship with the intervention traditional pictorial only in the originality of the result that reaches, otherwise is proposes simply as a method new and amazing of development and dissemination images, at the same level of the various artistic techniques from oldest to most recent, oriented for the production of multiple art.

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