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the client has the idea, we accomplish that, like the times of the great patrons of the arts

The Artistic Laboratory TornasoleArte realizes on commission Original Art Prints for small, medium and large companies, institutions, governments and privates customer. Thanks to experience of thirty years our laboratory
and artists who collaborate with us we can create your own artistic original works personalized.
Realizing through the technique of Etching the dream of another is wonderful. Rather, ideas,
sometimes crazy, of a client is a source of inspiration for creating new original subjects.

Our "Original Art Prints", appreciated for years both in Italy and abroad, are by now a major promotional vehicle, above all for those who seek in quality and originality the means to highlight and support all initiatives to which it intends to make a particular relief.
The gift of a printing of author, inserted in a suitable container custom, guarantees a return to the customer image safe, effective and lasting. TornasoleArte allows indeed to have in exclusive subjects chosen and agreed with the customer. Our experience enables us to meet the various needs more graphic so that the product can have those requirements of marketability always sought-after.

Recostruction of a 19th century image of Rome
Recostruction of a 19th century image of Rome, "Navona square flooded" on material provided by the customer.

An Original Art Print is the perfect promotional tool in the course of conventions, show events, and a varriety of occasions and festivities. The print can be especially designed either by givin the image the style that best fits the particular circumstance being celebrated, or by applying the etching to folder kit cover with a presentation, logo history and description judged most appropriate by the customer. All this can be archieved thanks to an ancient and refined technique that provides a true service to all those who wish to replace the ordinariness of industrial products with the beauty and refinement of a handcrafted piece.

Examples of work on Commission

Part of the works ordered from our firm are made to order to meet particular requirements such as weddings, baptisn, birthdays. The etching thus becomes a bombonnière that highlights the boriginality and elegance of the piece. Placing the view of a church or of place where a ceremony is being held on folder of various shapes and sizes, personalizing the cover wiyh the names of the participants, and then packaging the paroduct in such a way as to leave a unique, immediate and lasting remembrance of the event, is a promotional opportunity that many of our clients have employed some time.

Examples of work on Commission

The support on which the etching can be printed is chosen on the basis of its function. Quite often our prints become refined greeting cards, folded prints, with envelope, of various sizes.

  1. Customer who want to realize with the technique of etching and lithography with the subject of his choice must provide the necessary indication and send a series of photographs, particularly in the case of views, landscapes and portraits, so that taken into consideration the material can be realized one or more preparatory sketches with illustration the possible graphics solutions.

  2. Examples of work on Commission

    The material should be sent to:

    TornasoleArte - Via Boccaccio, 38H/R - 50133 Firenze (Italy)

  3. The engravers of TornasoleArte, taken into consideration the material sent, realize one or more sketches with illustration the possible graphics solutions; these sketches are sent to the customer with attached cost estimate not binding, which includes the cost for the realization of engraving on copperplate, and its relative manual printing with hand-press chalcographic at star, each copy is printed signed and numbered by the author himself.

  4. Received sketches the customer must communicate the order in writing specifying too the acceptance of the cost estimate and terms of delivery, must also be returned the sketches with any annotations relative the execution of the same.

  5. The sketches are the property of TornasoleArte, can not be reproduced and must be returned even if the work is not commissioned.

    Commission working on a subject DolomitesCommission working on a subject Lisbon


  7. At the express wish of the customer the copper plates, suitably cross out, may be delivered along with printed copies, otherwise they are filed with the copperplate-theca of TornasoleArte, which shall guarantee to all intents and purposes that are not longer used.

  8. TornasoleArte reserve to itself, of any work done, ten copies of archive Roman numerals and four print evidence available to the engraver; of those copies the society and the author may freely dispose.

  9. The engravings of TornasoleArte may not be reproduced because are originals of authors living, may be granted permissions, to be defined with written document, only for publications on catalogs and books.

  10. To the customer that buys a print run is guarantied only the exclusive right of the subject, but are not transfered copyright, which always and in any case, remain the property of TornasoleArte.

If you are interested in developing a project widely to implement your idea,
to increased highest artistic levels the technique of engraving at etching with the support of the
experience of TornasoleArte authors not hesitate to ask for a detailed cost estimate and above all not challenging.

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