TornasoleArte, general information on browsing the Online Catalogue of Art Prints

The reason for producing this site "Online Catalogue" of Original Art Prints niche and alternatives is born from the need to provide a tool, easy to consult, which would simplify as much as possible organize your eventual order.

To obtain a correct reading of the description on Original Art Prints displayed in the galleries of images of miniatures is given only the code number of the article, you should consider that for every larger picture is given in order:

  • The number of identification code number;
  • The title on the subject given by the author;
  • The name of the artist author of the original engraving;
  • The measure of the engraving (refers to the imprint of the array of copper on the paper);
  • The measure of the paper (on which the incision was imprinted by the same author).

All measurements are given in centimeters, and they show in sequence the Width for the Height.

Notation - The name of the company ( highlighted on each larger picture, it will not appear in any Original Art Print you ordered.

This site Online Catalogue refers only to the etching engravings done with a press calcografico star manual, signed, dated slabs and, impressed by the same author on calcographic paper Magnani Etching, 100 percent cotton neutral pH, g/m2 310 with intònso board cut manually.
Every etching carries a dry mark depicting a Hippogriff, with the company’s stamp and the item’s identifying initials on the back of the work.

The color is given by hand using the technique of painting in watercolor, of course we use the best colors for watercolor painting, so as to achieve maximum transparency of the characteristic signs of an etching.

The images displayed on our website Online Catalogue are purely indicative, in relation to the fact that the limits of digital photography is not possible to reproduce the amount of tone and finesse of the signs typical of the technique of etching. These features can be seen and appreciated only touch it with hand an original engraving.

During our thirty and more years of activity we preferred the refinement and intensity of the original print, which preserves and renews itself over time compared to other graphic techniques reproducible, easier and faster without more to achieve. The advantage of etching consists precisely in its uniqueness.

Please appreciate therefore, if every single original etching can be, precisely because of his handwork, a slightly different from the other, with possible slight imperfections that make more evident, and rapid recognition of an original art print, which is meant each print obtained from a matrix engraved and made manually.
Each Original Print distributed by TornasoleArte is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity  -›››

For further deepening about the origin of Etching technique please, visit the page:

---» Brief History of Engraving and its techniques, from its origins to the twentieth century «---

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